#LTAFamous: Todd O’Donnell

Todd O’Donnell, LT Class of 2016

Tell us, why LTA?

My employer, Wharton-Smith, encouraged me to find a leadership program in Tampa that provides a similar program to Leadership Seminole in Orlando. After researching and attending the initial information session for LTA, I decided Leadership Tampa was the perfect choice! Most importantly, I wanted the experience of learning leadership through a structured process and how I can improve to become a better employee, boss, father, and husband.

For you, what separates LTA from other business leadership programs?

LTA is great at staying organized and keeping everybody informed. Committees and events are consistently well organized and well planned. Diversification and a variety of opportunities to engage also separates LTA as unique. There are many worthy causes, committees, and events for LTA members to participate and contribute.

Describe a time when the LTA experience impacted your life or career?

During the program, I enjoyed the speakers at the various trips . There was one in particular that left an indelible imprint for me. During our trip to Tallahassee, Mr. Lee Moffitt spoke to our class about the history and birth of the Moffitt Cancer Center. He shared the tragic story of his staff members struggling to find appropriate care for their cancer treatments and how they had to travel out of state. Sadly, at the time Florida did not have adequate resources to provide the needed care for their treatment. Mr. Moffitt then made it his mission to take action and created the Moffitt Cancer Center to provide in-state care for these patients. His call to action was a great example and teaching moment for me. It has motivated me to do the same—take action and help the others. Make an impact!

What is a LTA benefit you wish everyone knew about?

The bonds and friendships with my fellow classmates which continue to last from this 9-month program is a huge benefit for me, and one that many can also gain long-term benefit. To this day, I remain in contact with several classmates and find it rewarding to catch up and see where we can help each other.

Describe how the leadership journey will continue to shape you?

My primary mission, both personally and professionally, is to be of service to others. LTA provided the pathway and foundation to understanding how leadership plays a vital role for in servicing the community. At the end our journey, we were encouraged to have “a call to action”. LTA was a great teacher and motivator for me to take action and give back. I am grateful for this experience and thank LTA for providing this wonderful program.

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