LTA Membership – 2/8/21

Ring, Ring, Ring…LTA On the Line! The Renew&You&You 2021 Campaign Continues    Renew for 2021 here: Sign Me Up for 2021!

Hello…are you there? It’s LTA’s Membership Committee on the line checking on you! In our ongoing efforts to bring our LTA family back together in 2021 after a tough year, we launched a call-a-thon last month to randomly check on past LTA members and say “hello.” We had the chance to laugh, catch up, and touch bases with many of our LTA members. We also learned through that process (and other feedback from members) that you have questions regarding membership and we are here to answer them! In this edition of the newsletter, you will find questions to frequently asked membership questions. If you have a question that’s not answered here, I invite you to contact me…I welcome the opportunity to connect with you, you, and you! 

Q: I’ve received emails regarding renewing since October 2020. Is that for 2020 or 2021?
A: It was for 2021. The renewal campaign for 2021 started October 1, 2020.  

Q. I paid LTA dues in the third quarter of 2020. Was that dues payment for 2020 or 2021?
A. Those dues were for 2020. If you pay your dues now, you will be active for 2021. 

Q. What is the deadline to pay dues every year?
A: There is no set deadline to pay but in order to continue to receive LTA content, you must be renewed by March 31st. Currently, the renewal cycle starts October 1st of every year. 

Q. Many LTA members have been impacted by COVID. Did you consider reducing or suspending dues to be responsive to that impact?
A. Last year, LTA did offer a reduced dues structure and suspended its membership renewal campaign to be responsive to the pandemic. This year, to directly assist our members who continue to be financially impacted by COVID, LTA has developed a grant program to cover 100% of their dues. Information about the grant program can be found here: LTA Cares Grant Application & Information. Apply today! 

Q: What do my membership dues cover?
A: LTA membership dues support the continued leadership programming LTA provides but also helps to help build up our future leaders in our Tampa Bay community by providing scholarships to the Leadership Tampa and Emerging Leaders programs.  

Q: How are we doing with our March 31st renewal goal of 496 renewed members?A:  We are slow moving but the Membership Committee is working hard to bring our LTA family back bigger and stronger in 2021. We are currently at 308 renewed members, with LT Classes ’20 (54%),’18 (39%),’16 (38%), ‘19 (38%), ’17 (38%), and ’15 (37%) leading the way. Will you join us in your efforts? Join today! Renew for 2021 here: Sign Me Up for 2021!

Q: How can I become more involved in LTA?
A: We’re glad you asked! Join a Committee! Contact Michelle Ciudad Real for more information.  

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