2018 Political Hob Nob Results

The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce hosted its 2018 Political Hob Nob featuring a straw poll vote conducted by the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections office. Attendees could vote at computer stations or on their smartphones using a personalized code.  The results are as follows:

2018 Greater Tampa Chamber Straw Poll Results
US Senator
Name Party Pct
Rick Scott Republican 50.44
Bill Nelson Democrat 46.04
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente Republican 3.52
US Representative District 12
Name Party Pct
Gus Michael Bilirakis Republican 64.03
Chris Hunter Democrat 19.47
Robert Matthew Tager Democrat 6.6
Angelika Purkis No Party Affiliation 5.28
Stephen M. Perenich Democrat 4.62
US Representative District 15
Name Party Pct
Ross Spano Republican 39.6
Andrew P. Learned Democrat 25.41
Kristen Carlson Democrat 11.55
Neil Combee Republican 10.23
Raymond Peña, Jr. Democrat 3.96
Sean Harper Republican 3.3
Danny Kushmer Republican 2.97
Ed Shoemaker Republican 2.97
US Representative District 16
Name Party Pct
Vern Buchanan Republican 57.62
David Shapiro Democrat 23.18
Jan Schneider Democrat 19.21
Name Party Pct
Adam H. Putnam Republican 35.99
Gwen Graham Democrat 16.52
Andrew Gillum Democrat 16.22
Ron DeSantis Republican 14.75
Philip Levine Democrat 7.67
Jeff Greene Democrat 2.36
Chris King Democrat 1.47
Bob White Republican 1.18
Bob Langford Republican 0.88
Darcy G. Richardson Reform Party 0.88
John Wetherbee Democrat 0.59
Don Baldauf Republican 0.29
Timothy M. Devine Republican 0.29
Bruce Nathan Republican 0.29
Alex “Lundy” Lundmark Democrat 0.29
Ryan Christopher Foley No Party Affiliation 0.29
John Joseph Mercadante Republican 0
Kyle “KC” Gibson No Party Affiliation 0
Raphael Herman No Party Affiliation 0
Bruce Stanley No Party Affiliation 0
Attorney General
Name Party Pct
Ashley Moody Republican 52.44
Sean Shaw Democrat 30.18
Frank White Republican 10.06
Ryan Torrens Democrat 6.4
Jeffrey Marc Siskind No Party Affiliation 0.91
Chief Financial Officer
Name Party Pct
Jimmy Patronis Republican 59.87
Jeremy Ring Democrat 40.13
Commissioner of Agriculture
Name Party Pct
Denise Grimsley Republican 25.16
Nicole “Nikki” Fried Democrat 25.16
Matt Caldwell Republican 24.84
Roy David Walker Democrat 9.03
Baxter Troutman Republican 8.71
Mike McCalister Republican 3.55
Jeffrey Duane Porter Democrat 3.55
State Senator, District 18
Name Party Pct
Dana Young Republican 59.76
Janet Cruz Democrat 40.24
State Senator, District 20
Name Party Pct
Tom Lee Republican 58.19
Kathy Lewis Democrat 21.07
Joy Gibson Democrat 14.72
John Manners Houman Republican 6.02
State Reperesentative, District 57
Name Party Pct
Debbie Katt Democrat 39.72
Mike Beltran Republican 31.91
Sean McCoy Republican 28.37
State Representative, District 58
Name Party Pct
Lawrence McClure Republican 58.08
Phil Hornback Democrat 41.92
State Representative, District 59
Name Party Pct
Adam Hattersley Democrat 42.81
Joe Wicker Republican 34.25
Ronda Storms Republican 22.95
State Representative, District 60
Name Party Pct
Jackie Toledo Republican 62.7
Debra Bellanti Democrat 37.3
State Representative, District 61
Name Party Pct
Karen Skyers Democrat 40
Dianne “Ms Dee” Hart Democrat 32.8
Sharon Carter Democrat 14.8
Norman Harris Democrat 12.4
State Representative, District 62
Name Party Pct
Mike Alvarez Democrat 51.44
Susan L. Valdes Democrat 33.74
Christopher Carlos Cano Democrat 14.81
State Representative, District 63
Name Party Pct
Shawn Harrison Republican 53.42
Fentrice Driskell Democrat 46.58
State Representative, District 64
Name Party Pct
James Grant Republican 55.22
Jessica Harrington Democrat 30.64
Terry Power Republican 9.76
Andy Warrener No Party Affiliation 4.38
State Representative, District 70
Name Party Pct
Wengay “Newt” Newton Democrat 61.86
Keisha Bell Democrat 24.58
Vito D. Sheeley Democrat 13.56
Circuit Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit Group 25
Name Party Pct
Jamey Moody n/a 42.2
Robin Fuson n/a 25.53
Cissy Boza Sevelin n/a 21.28
Starr Brookins n/a 10.99
Name Party Pct
Chad Chronister Republican 69.69
Gary Pruitt Democrat 30.31
County Commissioner, District 2
Name Party Pct
Ken Hagan Republican 50.17
Angela Birdsong Democrat 33.55
Chris Paradies Republican 16.28
County Commissioner, District 4
Name Party Pct
Stacy White Republican 58.8
Andrew Davis Democrat 41.2
County Commissioner, District 5
Name Party Pct
Victor Crist Republican 47.37
Mariella Smith Democrat 30.92
Angel S. Urbina Capo Republican 10.53
Elvis Piggott Democrat 8.55
Joe Kotvas No Party Affiliation 2.63
County Commissioner, District 7
Name Party Pct
Aakash Patel Republican 33.23
Todd Marks Republican 28.48
Kimberly Overman Democrat 18.04
Ray Chiaramonte Democrat 9.81
Mark Nash Democrat 6.01
Sky U. White Democrat 3.8
Kim “KLARC” O’Connor Green Party 0.63
School Board Member, District 1
Name Party Pct
Steve Cona n/a 63.57
William Henry Person n/a 22.3
Gilbert “Gil” Machin n/a 14.13
School Board Member, District 2
Name Party Pct
Stacy Hahn n/a 62.73
Sally A. Harris n/a 31.73
Rod Mayhew n/a 5.54
School Board Member, Distict 4
Name Party Pct
Melissa Snively n/a 63.85
LaShonda Davison n/a 36.15
School Board Member, District 6
Name Party Pct
Kelso Tanner n/a 31.5
Henry “Shake” Washington n/a 28.57
Karen Perez n/a 14.29
Robert A. Pechacek n/a 13.19
Scott “Mr. H” Hottenstein n/a 9.89
Mitchell Smithey n/a 2.56
County Court Judge, Group 2
Name Party Pct
Greg Green n/a 46.44
Adam L. Bantner, II n/a 32.21
Lisa Allen n/a 21.35
County Court Judge, Group 5
Name Party Pct
Bill Yanger n/a 54.85
Jared Smith n/a 45.15
County Court Judge, Group 8
Name Party Pct
E. Michael Isaak n/a 47.06
Jack Gutman n/a 31.99
LaShawn Strachan n/a 15.44
Lanell Williams-Yulee n/a 5.51
Soil and Water Conservation, District 1
Name Party Pct
Kathy Eckdahl n/a 33.68
Michael Hegarty n/a 25.26
Joshua Carrasco n/a 22.63
David Maynard n/a 18.42
Soil and Water Conservation, District 3
Name Party Pct
Michael Hepburn n/a 40.22
John Waterman n/a 32.96
Francisco Pierre-Louis n/a 26.82
Soil and Water Conservation, District 5
Name Party Pct
Andrew Brooks n/a 39.2
Ray Young n/a 31.16
Matt Gozdor n/a 17.09
Travis Medling n/a 12.56
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