Policy & Transportation Digest


Uber Regulations in Europe

Like the US, Europe is facing question of how to regulate Transportation Networking Companies throughout the region.

Florida House Speaker warns of Budget Deficit

Speaker Corcoran talked this week about the possibility that the Legislature could be faced with a budget deficit by the beginning of the 2017 session in March.

Florida leads the Nation in Autonomous Vehicle Development

During the Florida Automated Vehicle Summit in Tampa this week, experts spoke about how advanced the state is in the discussion and implementation of driverless vehicles.


As things are changing in Tallahassee and in Washington D.C., The Tampa Chamber is watching those issues that are important to the community and your business. Here is some of what we are watching:

  • Possible changes to the Affordable Health Care Act
  • Possible changes with the relations between the U.S. and Cuba
  • Overtime regulations changes and legal rulings
  • Appropriations request rule changes in Tallahassee
  • Medical Marijuana and what that means to Tampa Bay


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