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Port Tampa Bay may be the ideal port for trade with Cuba
Because of the regions rich history with Cuba and the easy access to central Florida, Port Tampa Bay may be the perfect port to engage in business with Cuba.  Currently ships traveling between the US and Cuba are not permitted to dock for a 180 days, but a bill in the US Senate may change this.

Jeff Vinik’ s Strategic Property Partners release a look into downtown development
During the Port Tampa Bay board meeting this week, SPP unveiled an updated phase one of the project.  The updates will include a 150-room boutique hotel tower with 30 condominium units and a 30,000-square-foot grocery store.

Governor and Cabinet move to purchase land near MacDill Airforce Base
In a move to try and prevent encroachment on the land next the Airforce base, Governor Scott and the Cabinet agreed to purchase land just outside the base.  However, there is concern that this may not be enough.  There is still privately owned land next to the base that could be sold to build a hotel, which is concerning for base leadership.

Moffitt Tops the Nation in Cancer Research
Once again,  Moffitt Cancer Center leads the nation in ranking as the top Cancer research center in the nation.

Street Car begins morning service next week
Beginning on Monday, the Streetcar will begin extended hours Monday through Thursday for a 6-month trial period.

Tampa City Council Approves 2017 Budget
The Tampa City Council approved the City’s $906-million-dollar budget this week. The budget includes a 5% property tax increase.

Another case for Autonomous Cars
The Rocky Mountain Institute issued the latest report on the future of transportation in the US.

Cars with Drivers banned on Highways?
As the popularity of driverless cars grows so does other ideas such as designating certain portions of highways for cars without human drivers.


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