LT Alum Creates Popular Leadership Program

by Kerry O’Reilly

RMS Amplify

RMS Amplify at Camelback Mountain

DanielIn 2015, Jeremy Daniel (LT ’15) CFO of Regenerative Medical Solutions created a leadership program for select employees. The program is called RMS Amplify and the mission is to find and train the next generation of leaders in their company.

The program lasts for 13 weeks and is limited to six members per class. Members must apply and be accepted to participate. The group meets Tuesday mornings from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Q: Tell us about the RMS Amplify program.

A: Each member of the class is given a Kindle, a journal and a workbook. We do not allow laptops or phones in the meetings as this distracts from the class. We read books on leadership, have guest speakers and participate in group activities throughout the class.

Q: I understand you do something special at the end of the program.

A: During the final week of the program, we take everyone who has participated in the class on a four-day, three-night retreat where we visit our clinic in Scottsdale and hike Camelback Mountain as a team to represent how far we have come as a class.

We then fly to the team out to Vegas for two days where we visit Zappos and learn about their company culture and what makes them so successful.

Q: Have you retained the people you’ve trained, and have you seen the benefit of the training in your workplace? 

A: Yes, four of the participants been promoted to management or have become directors of their respective departments. They are true advocates for our overall corporate mission and values. We are currently accepting applications for next year.

Q: What inspired you to create the program?

A: We are a very young company with around 75% of our corporate staff being a part of the millennial generation. We have found that members of this generation are looking for opportunities to grow and want to be rewarded with either promotions or salary increases. As a smaller company in the growth stage, we knew we could not increase our human capital expense but we did want to keep our high performers engaged.

Q: Do you have other facilitators besides yourself?

A: The class is taught by three of the executives of the company.

Q: What’s been the biggest surprise?

A: The biggest surprise has been the confidence gained by graduating members. I am a big believer that if you invest time in others, you will be shocked at what they can accomplish.

Kerry O’Reilly is a graduate of LT ’15 and serves as the Marketing Director for the Tampa Bay Times.

LTA Newsletter July 2016

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