Chamber Releases Results from Recent Transportation Poll

TAMPA, Fla. –The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce recently commissioned a poll of most likely voters on the issue of transportation in Hillsborough County to provide objective information to help guide the Chamber as we discuss potential transportation projects and policies. Preliminary results show that transportation remains a significant challenge for residents, with 88% of respondents stating improving the transportation system in Hillsborough County as either a “very serious” or “somewhat serious” priority.

The results also show that there is significant work to be done as it relates to educating the public prior to voting on a sales tax referendum in November. The issue of supporting a half cent sales tax was raised at four different points in the overall survey, with answers of support ranging from 47% to 54%.

The business community is a key stakeholder in discussions related to transportation in our community. The Chamber is committed to continuing our leadership role in promoting the development and funding of cost-effective regional transportation systems that will support economic development and improve the quality of life for residents. The poll was conducted by SEA Polling & Strategic Design.

The Chamber will provide additional insights from the transportation poll after further analyzing the data and results.

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