Parke Wright, III Spotlight: Gregory C. Yadley (LT ’88)

8a4e7f75-c88f-4707-bbf8-0c84e3ceaffcWhat do you see as the biggest change in Leadership Tampa since 2004?
Leadership Tampa provides an unparalleled opportunity for new leaders to quickly become exposed to critical issues for Tampa’s future. Over the past 10 years, with the maturity of our community, there are as many relative newcomers on the knowledge-transferor side of things as there are on the transferee side. Originally, LT provided the forum for the “old guard” to challenge the next generation to take over the leadership of the community. Today, with a more fluid population, the emergence of new economic sectors, a steeper and a more volatile business cycle, the proposition has changed. We need new leaders more than ever and they have to come up to speed faster and act more decisively. The “old guard” now changes every decade, not just every generation. The ability of LT to foster new leadership and encourage broader participation in an increasingly faster-paced, more competitive world has never been more important. Participate in Leadership Tampa and go for it!

What’s new with Greg Yadley?
I’m having more fun as a lawyer than I’ve ever had. With an improving economy, I have had the true joy of helping clients grow and capitalize on their business opportunities. I relish their successes and feel proud I can help them from a strategic standpoint in structuring, financing and executing on their business plans. I am fortunate in also being able to influence the legal landscape through some wonderful professional activities. In addition to serving as chair of the American Bar Association’s Middle Market and Small Business Committee, I’m enjoying sharing my experience with the next generation of lawyers as an adjunct professor at the University of Florida Law School and the University of Warsaw in Poland. I also have the privilege of serving as one of only three lawyers on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Businesses. Engaging in teaching and advising on national policy matters energizes me and makes me confident for our future. Beyond that, I try to visit France every year and drink great wine.

What would you like to see happen in the future with Leadership Tampa?  
I would like to see Leadership Tampa continue to thrive. The key ingredients are the support of the sponsoring companies and firms and engaged class and program leaders. As a past LT Chair (of the greatest ever Class of 1991!), I had the opportunity to challenge incredibly talented individuals to move beyond their comfort zones and become involved in the community. This was possible because the organizers of the sessions were the top leaders in their area who shared their true concerns and asked for help. This requires commitment, and the Class of ’91 responded. Our constant concern must be to ensure that this continues to be the case with each LT class in the future.

Gregory C. Yadley (LT ’88)
Partner, Corporate Practice Co-Administrator
Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP

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