Emerge Tampa Bay to Host 2nd Speaker Series Event at MacDill AFB

Emerge Speaker Series

Kaila Barrington, Paycom, Emerge Professional Development Committee Member  

Once, I performed an exercise called the “triangle of success.” The instructor asked the audience what characteristics we thought made up a successful person. We all shared our thoughts:

  • knowledgeable/smart
  • open-minded
  • risk-taker
  • positive
  • driven
  • big thinker
  • determination
  • hard-working
  • open to feedback
  • perseverance
  • embraces change
  • inclusive
  • uses time wisely

Once the list was finalized, the instructor went one-by-one through the list and asked us which characteristics represented skill and which represented attitude, or both. What we found is that almost all were classified as attitude. The moral of the story: success is reached by having the right attitude. Yes, skills are important, but without the right attitude you will always fall short of success.

On July 15, Emerge Tampa Bay will hold its second professional development speaker series event. The topic of this event is leadership with guest speaker, Colonel Daniel Tulley. He is the current base commander of MacDill Air Force Base.

So, what type of leader is the event’s featured speaker, Colonel Daniel H. Tulley? Sure, we know by his title that the military has classified him as a leader, but how does he see himself?

Here’s what I found:

On his LinkedIn profile, he establishes himself as a leader that takes a strategy and sees it through to success by developing people and building teams to get results.

If you have not yet visited MacDill Air Force Base, this is your opportunity to see and learn about its impact on our region. Members of the military are invited to attend this event to learn about Emerge Tampa Bay and ways to get involved in our community. Growing up in a military town myself, I know the base brings diversity and many different leaders to the area. Through the Chamber’s Military efforts, the community is able to support our troops and maintain a positive, mutually beneficial relationship. Emerge Tampa Bay is excited to be on base to learn more ways to engage with our local military community.

To find out first-hand about Colonel Tulley’s leadership philosophy and the impact of MacDill Air Force Base on Tampa Bay, sign up to attend the event here: http://emerge.tampachamber.com/events/Emerge-Tampa-Bay-Professional-Development-Speaker-Series-Leadership-2891/details