Are You Insured for the Unexpected?

By: Barry Kanner

BarryKannerUsually the biggest stress in having a party is getting every RSVP, but being a host can expose you to more than a partygoer’s critiques of the décor and food.

If you have a holiday party at your office or home and you serve alcoholic beverages, you could be exposed to liability if one of your guests causes a car accident on their way home. If the guest fails a sobriety test and an injured party alleges that you negligently allowed an intoxicated guest to leave your premises, will your insurance cover you?

Florida law says you are not liable, unless you intentionally or mistakenly allowed an underage person to consume alcohol at your function or if you served someone you know who abuses alcohol. You must still check your insurance policy to be sure that your insurance carrier will defend you if are sued for negligently serving alcohol at your party. In some cases, even if you can prove you are not responsible, your insurance company will not provide a defense for you, therefore it is important to consult with an attorney.

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