Startup Scholar Feature: PikMyKid

logoWhen Pat Bhava sold his business, he had more time on his hands. He spent his days doing household chores and running errands, including picking up his daughter from school. “The traffic jams seen around 2:30 p.m. at any of our schools are legendary,” he said. “I figured that there has to be a better way.”

After an intense 6-month research period, Bhava started PikMyKid, a mobile app that helps schools manage the dismissal process while providing parents peace of mind. “There is no secured system for dismissal, no real-time updates for bus riders, no car pool management system… The only technologies schools use to manage this process today are ‘loud hailers,’ sticky notes, clipboards and walkie-talkies. We surely can do much better than that as a community in today’s tech savvy world.”

Since the company’s launch last year, Bhava says there’s been an outpouring of support from parents, teachers, principals and schools. “My inbox is crammed every day with requests from schools and parents who are so happy that there is a solution in sight for all their school dismissal woes!”

Bhava and his team are in the process of rolling out the PikMyKid app in schools in Washington D.C., New York and California. They are currently in the discussion phases with over 700 schools to implement the technology. Their goal for 2015 is to have PikMyKid active in at least 500 schools across the globe.

To learn more about PikMyKid, visit the website at