Startup Scholars Profile: LilyPad Solutions

While working as the Executive Vice President of Actsoft, a Tampa-based technology logo-bluecompany, Eric Rabinovitz and his team uncovered a trend that would spark the initial idea for LilyPad Solutions.

“Sales teams were implementing Actsoft’s GPS tracking solutions with little success,” Rabinovitz said. “At the same time, sales leadership at Actsoft was using a customized version of the product in an effort to rely less on GPS tracking and more on daily activities.”

The LilyPad app, an activity management platform for professional workforces, bridges the gap between the office and the field, allowing management to motivate and coach like never before.

“Most sales technologies today start from the IT or operations perspective and then are shoved out to the field. The sales team’s needs are usually an afterthought. We start with the end user – those reps out in the field making it happen for their company and team.”

Using gamification (points, contests, goals, and trash talking), LilyPad guides professional teams towards the types of activities they need to be doing, at the levels they need to be doing them, resulting in more opportunities per field rep.

After a year of perfecting the platform and soliciting user feedback, Rabinovitz’s team is hoping to build the brand this year. “In 2015…our efforts are extremely focused on new client acquisition and helping our clients achieve their goals,” he said.

Check out LilyPad at Startup Week Tampa as they discuss how they’ve helped Oskar Blues, one of the nation’s leading craft beer brands, reach their sales and account management goals.  

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