3 Essential Elements to Scoring Big with Mobile Advertising

By: Scott Gottlieb, YP-Tampa, St Petersburg & Sarasota

graph3Tampa Bay is a marketplace rich with opportunity. The metro area is not only one of the wealthiest in the state with an aggregate net worth near $300 billion, it is also one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Southeast. The city’s diverse consumer base is mirrored by the diversity of businesses, which include everything from international trade to homeland security/defense, financial services and life sciences. These businesses have a range of advertising options to connect with local consumers.

Mobile advertising has become a go-to option because it offers the ability to zero-in on a place of business, as well as an individual. Even more telling, research shows that an overwhelming majority of people who use mobile to look up a business go on to make a purchase. The key is to unlock the power of mobile by keeping three guiding principles in mind.

  •  Mobile-friendly websites.Many prognosticators say that mobile searches will exceed the number of searches made on PCs in 2014. That means 50 percent of consumers searching for anything will be doing it on a mobile device. However, you would be surprised by the number of businesses that have not optimized their websites for mobile devices. Mobile responsive sites load faster, are easier to read and give users a much better overall experience. Businesses that don’t take advantage of this are missing an opportunity to connect with customers and an opportunity should not be wasted.
  • Understand data and location-based information. Piecing together pictures of prospective audience targets is possible when you capture and understand data and location-based information. We have so much more knowledge today about consumers than ever before. With mobile, we know where they work, where they play, what they like, behaviors (past and present) and unique hobbies. This is all extremely relevant data to inform businesses on consumer habits and interests. Mobile location data offers more clues, such as proximity to your business’ location. This can help businesses reach consumers in the moment – whether that’s getting a morning cup of coffee, picking up dinner on the way home from work or heading to the store on the weekend.
  • Develop insights. “Insights” help to inform product development, optimize advertising campaigns and drive results.  What are the insights you need to help drive your business? Think carefully about your buyer’s current path to an actual purchase. Work to understand your buyer’s journey and the role of mobile within that process. Because the majority of purchases are planned, most people will not act immediately upon seeing a mobile ad. Reach people when they are considering their next shopping trip by providing options such as: “call a store,” “find a location,” or the ability to interact with a special offer or coupon. It all comes down to using a softer sales method by presenting several options that don’t make the consumer feel pressured.

Ultimately, success is defined by the ability for a business to make a connection with the right consumer at the right time. Mobile is one of a number of available advertising options and platforms. By zeroing in on the target, both in terms of demographic and geography, businesses can develop marketing strategies that drive commerce and help their communities to grow.


Scott Gottlieb
GSM/Market Manager
YP-Tampa, St Petersburg & Sarasota
To learn more about mobile advertising, please contact me at sgottlieb@yp.com.

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