Here are the Top 3 Reasons why Your Boss/Coworker/Employee Doesn’t Get It

Adrienne Morgan, Grow Committee Chair
Generational differences can create a great deal of issues in the office.
  1. They do not communicate effectively. We say: Yes, texting is a perfectly normal form of communication and I should be able to work from home; it’s more productive!
  2. They aren’t clear on expectations. We say: I have no idea how/why this reporting structure make sense. What exactly is my job description?
  3. They don’t respect my opinion all the time. We say: We’re on the same team! Stop hiding my genius!

This is called workplace conflict. Workplace conflict can occur when one party does not understand the other party’s perspective. It is a natural part of business, and is even good for business! Let’s be honest, if there weren’t workplace conflict, we would not create change or develop new ideas. As millennials, we need to learn how to understand different perspectives and channel this conflict into constructive actions that make impact, not chaos.

Emerge members, join us on for Resolution Revolution: A Millennial Guide to Conflict Management to work on ways to deal with workplace conflict.

When: Tuesday, August 26 from 5:30-7:30pm

Where: HCI Group, 5300 W. Cypress St., Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33607

Why: Because the event is unscripted. The interactive workshop is created in real-time, so the questions you want answered will be.

How: We have awesome HCI Group as our sponsor

This event series has sold out all year! Get your seats early so we don’t have to awkwardly turn you away at the door. 

Click here to register today:  

Member price: $15

Non-member price: $25

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