Prestigious Parke Wright III Recognition Awarded to Capt. John C. Timmel

During the recent Leadership Tampa Alumni annual meeting, LTA recognized Capt. John C. Timmel, President & CEO of Starboard Ten Maritime Forensics, with the prestigious Parke Wright III Award.

Tampa’s history has strong ties to the Maritime industry, and Captain Timmel’s accomplishments and credentials in this area have had a significant impact on our community.  Among his notable recognitions and contributions, he:

  • Serves as Chairman to the Tampa Bay Pilot LLC and Secretary to the Florida State Pilot Association
  • Founded and was president of Tampa Bay VIPS, the company responsible for developing the original concept of a carry-on pilot navigation system, which served as the model for other ports worldwide.
  • Served as an Adjunct Professor of ship handling aboard New York Maritime’s training ship
  • Was president and chairman of the Port of Tampa Propeller Club and as a member of the International Propeller Club’s Executive Committee.
  • Founded and was Skipper of the Boy Scouts of America Explorer Ship 555 and involved as an Assistant Scout Leader for Troop 22.
  • Past board member and the current Sail Master of Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla, and each year he guides the pirate ship Jose Gasparilla during the Invasion.

Captain Timmel was also the founder of a maritime treasure here in Tampa as it was his vision and passion that brought the SS American Victory ship to our community.  He led the effort to raise more than $3.5 million to renovate the ship and create what is now a passenger-ready, floating museum.

“The Parke Wright III award is the most prestigious honor that a member of Leadership Tampa Alumni can achieve,” said Troy Atlas, chairman of LTA.  “His visionary leadership in his business, his industry and Leadership Tampa has elevated our community.”

Captain Timmel has served on several Tampa community boards and committees and also as chairman of Leadership Tampa and Leadership Tampa’s Alumni Association.  Additionally, John has been the Mayor’s Maritime Liaison for the City of Tampa since 2003 and serves on Congresswomen Castor’s National Academy Selection Committee. He was recently selected as an Honorary Base Commander at MacDill Air Force Base.

Congratulations Captain John C. Timmel!

About Parke Wright II Award

The prestigious Parke Wright, III Award is presented annually to a member of Leadership Tampa Alumni who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and made a significant difference in the Tampa Bay community.

Parke Wright III was a leader in the airlines industry, a community advocate and a dedicated Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce member.  He developed the Leadership Tampa Program in 1970 in order to help train and develop future leaders of Tampa Bay.


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