Emerging with Influence 2013


The brand is you. Sima Dahl wants you to practice the art of intentional networking for brand you. Listen up job seekers, ladder climbers, and rainmakers. In this age of referral, you should exist in people’s mental rolodex as the thing that you are best at and most wish to do. Project Manager isn’t good enough. A job title is not a memorable story. What are your keywords? What projects? For whom? What makes you unique? Tell people what you want to be known for and then remind them. It’s all part of Dahl’s Sway Factor. “When you can define it, you can have it,” she affirmed. And she reminds us of the powerful truth that you cannot get from the universe what you are not willing to ask for.

Sima Dahl, published author and President of Parlay Communications, was the energizing keynote speaker for the second annual Emerging with Influence event at T. Pepin Hospitality Centre on November 7, 2013. More than 230 members from Emerge Tampa Bay and the business community joined together for this program, Emerge’s signature annual event. It’s a time to celebrate the organization’s achievements, goals, and leadership. Congratulations to the 2013 Deanne Dewey Roberts Emerging Leader, April Monteith with JP Morgan Chase.

The Emerge Tampa Bay organization has plenty to celebrate this year, including the program’s 10th anniversary. Brian Seel, Emerge Program Chair, illustrated that for young professionals, it’s the group to join. In 2013, there were more than 270 new members this year, for 426 total memberships. We’ve also had over 1,700 attendees at our events, which is a 36% annual increase in over 2012. Emerge members put in more than 400 hours of volunteer time this year too. Seel shared the group’s vision that leadership is about action, not about position. This group is actively present in the Tampa Bay community and continues to stimulate engagement at all levels, in part by hosting consistently first-rate programs like Emerging with Influence. Get involved!

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About Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit business membership organization that helps promote the businesses and business interests of our members. We come from diverse backgrounds: from small businesses, big corporations, government bodies and the military. United, we become a single, unifying force with the power to shape the future of Tampa Bay.

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