Tampa Chamber issues statement urging compromise to pass a pro-growth and comprehensive immigration reform law

We need to continue to be a growing immigrant nation and we cannot do so in a productive manner under the current immigration system.  This impacts all of us, including the business community.

The nation is aging and our growth is slow under historical rates.  Employment and payrolls as a percentage of the population are decreasing, which places limits on economic growth and the ability to increase the tax revenue derived from having more workers.

To grow economically, we need to attract and retain junior workers and we need more skilled workers, among other business needs that can be served by immigration reform.  As an example, proper immigration reform can allow us to retain the foreign students that want to stay in the US after graduation and can slow the exporting of skilled jobs that migrate offshore due to a lack of such workers in the USA.

The Senate immigration bill addresses a number of important objectives that will benefit the business community. In negotiations with the House, other business goals can be addressed, such as increasing the number of guest-workers to help address the dynamics of our economy and demand for labor.

A predictable and reliable immigration system that attracts and rewards more people that yearn to pursue economic freedom and prosperity in our country is good for business.  We urge compromise on both sides to pass a pro-growth and comprehensive immigration reform law.

Approved by the Board of Directors on August 29, 2013

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The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit business membership organization that helps promote the businesses and business interests of our members. We come from diverse backgrounds: from small businesses, big corporations, government bodies and the military. United, we become a single, unifying force with the power to shape the future of Tampa Bay.

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