Baseball Stadium Finance Caucus Releases Findings

The Baseball Stadium Financing Caucus, comprised of members of the Greater Tampa and St. Petersburg Area Chambers of Commerce, was charged with researching the business process of funding a major league sports facility. The caucus identified best practices across the United States and researched how they could be implemented in the Tampa Bay region. Caucus Chair Chuck Sykes of Sykes Enterprises presented those findings this afternoon, which focused on recommendations on funding a new stadium without addressing the stadium’s location.

The executive summary and PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

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About Tampa Bay Chamber

The Tampa Bay Chamber is a not-for-profit business membership organization that helps promote the businesses and business interests of our members. We come from diverse backgrounds: from small businesses, big corporations, government bodies and the military. United, we become a single, unifying force with the power to shape the future of Tampa Bay.

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