How the Chamber’s Brand is Evolving (Part I)

When I started working at the Chamber as the Graphic Designer three years ago, it seemed like the extent of the Chamber’s “brand” was slapping the logo onto whatever flyer or invitation I was creating. With some help from internal discussions and our Marketing and Communications committee, we have been steadily increasing, improving and changing the use of our brand. Hopefully it is becoming more recognizable!

Here are some things you may have noticed:
Website Redesign
Mid-summer 2010 was highlighted by the launch of the Chamber’s completely revamped website. The new design brought our website into the 21st century with an eye-catching, interesting layout.

One of the best features, in my opinion, is the rotating graphic banners on the homepage, where we share details about upcoming events, membership perks and initiatives we are supporting. These little snippets are not only cool to look at, they give the homepage a dynamic look and feel that was definitely lacking in the previous layout – plus, they are fun to create! Also, the information on the site was rearranged, consolidated wherever possible and rewritten, to freshen it up and make it easier to navigate.

Electronic Newsletter Redesign
With the changes on the website, it seemed only natural that we redesign our electronic communication as well. We surveyed members about how they liked to be communicated with and decided that two weekly emails would be better than the daily communication that had become the norm. And so, Events and eView were born and rehabbed, respectively. Both designs reflect the website and each other – and therefore enhance our brand recognition.

The Events newsletter is distributed on Tuesdays and contains a preview of the upcoming 30 days or so of Chamber events – along with featured events on the left-hand side each week.

eView is distributed on Thursdays and highlights Chamber news and on the first Thursday of each month, the newsletter also shares member news. With the phase out of our quarterly printed newsletter, The Inside View, in early 2011, we began including things like ribbon cuttings and event wrap-ups and photos as they were happening, making the publication a more timely venue to share things with our members.

If you are not currently receiving our electronic newsletters, click here to subscribe.

How the Chamber’s Brand is Evolving (Part II) will discuss some of the marketing and event collateral being used currently, as well as a brief outline of how we are using social media outlets to enhance our brand.

Stay tuned!

Brianna Faulkner
Graphic Designer
Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

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